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High-end curtain maintenance and cleaning maintenance home coup help

High-end curtain maintenance and cleaning maintenance home coup help

Curtain as an important part of home decoration, in addition to privacy protection, regulation of light, exquisite high-end curtains also make home become more intimate, stylish and romantic. As people increasingly high home improvement pursuit of quality, market demand is also growing high-grade curtain, consumer-grade type of curtain and fabrics are increasingly picky, but many consumers have neglected the maintenance of dust curtain.

Cleaning curtains to protect high-grade soft-mounted texture is the key

     Currently on the market of high-end curtain fabric, there are many, fabric texture, cotton, linen, polyester, silk, can also be mixed with several raw materials woven. Light, thin transparent or translucent fabrics, cotton, polyester cotton blended fabric, glass yarn, fine mesh fabric, lace and Barry yarn; opaque fabric medium thickness with fancy tissue cotton, nylon and their blends cloth, sloppy mesh cloth; cloth slippery surface, such as polishing polished cotton chintz, antique satin, silk and taffeta and so on.

     Room luxury fabrics can produce a sense of luxury, but it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to pursue a gorgeous, long noted and their grade-room furnishings to match on the line. In addition, the texture of the fabric of the interior layout of the style and atmosphere have an important impact, such as Baotou material people feel cool, thick solid material produce a warm room makes sense.

     Selected high-grade curtains are to be carefully curtains late maintenance and cleaning is also very important, the curtains hung many consumers at home that year, some families do not even wash a couple of years. Recently, the media launched a study on "Curtains clean" aspect of the survey, a total of one million people participated, nearly seven adults said they would clean the curtains, but more than a year, or nearly 60% of workers only cleaned once a year, usually It does not regularly cleaned.

     Away from the nearest window is curtains, outside dust first arrived curtains. If cleaning is not hanging over many years, the top lot of contaminated dust and dust mites, especially deep color curtains, if the indoor ventilation is poor, or damp walls, but also easy to breed mold or other bacteria, which are important causes of poor indoor air quality ʱ??

     Therefore it recommended every one to two weeks with a clean, damp cloth to wipe the dust on the curtains, especially at home with children or pets in the family, to adhere to six months once thoroughly cleaned. Curtains can be placed directly in the washing machine to wash, can dry, washed, placed in a sunny place to dry after use, or directly linked to the good, not only easy to dry, or free-air "humidifier." Remember do not put curtains on the washing machine dehydration or drying, likely to cause deformation of the curtain. Such as families with respiratory or other infectious diseases, cleaning the curtains, it is best to disinfect.

     Curtain material of choice, it is best not choose cotton curtains, because cotton is softer, more easily absorbed dirt, recommended to choose synthetic materials, good ventilation curtains. Secondly, the curtain style should not be too complicated, the simpler the better, not only cumbersome curtains screens and curtains, and curtain and some decorative objects, it is easy to gather dust particles and bacteria, and these substances is causing respiratory and other diseases culprit.


    High-grade curtain cleaning IMPORTANT: can be used wet scrubbing, also in a conventional manner with a neutral detergent washing or machine wash. Try not to dehydration after curtain cleaning, drying, but should dry naturally, to avoid damage to its texture; special materials curtains, send the best dry cleaners washing, to prevent deformation.