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Curtains with the law

Curtains with the law


Curtain is both practical and decorative in one of the curtains in the home decoration can not be ignored, clever mix of curtains can make your home shine, teach your home below the curtains with the law.

Household curtains with Rule 1

Texture, light curtains make a small space appear transparent area. Due to the small area of the dining area, the use of too heavy curtains easy to make the space more narrow, therefore, where the use of relatively thin texture Roman shades with thin stripes quality level pull the curtains, the middle layer of flower-decorated curtain out the key, hollow texture to the overall feel more lively

Household curtain with Rule 2

 Select interior main colors contrasting colors as curtain colors, it can play a role in the overall color balance. In this case the living room wall painted pink, plus a large red floral sofa, the overall tone is more beautiful, if then the same color curtains and let the visual overload, with a white flower - curtain is just right, the same color Roman curtain curtain supplement inadequate stenciling on the shield function.