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Curtain installation steps

Curtains in life is everywhere, how to choose curtains to match the decoration, a lot of people will process the curtains themselves, can not only save money but also can customize according to their own exclusive like curtains. Curtains common processing methods are perforated, Korean hooks, ordinary hooks. Different styles, different processing methods, materials are not the same. The following small series with a look at the processing curtain installation steps and precautions.

Processing curtain installation steps:

The first step :( volume size) If you just cover the window, then the amount of what the width of the window, each plus a dozen centimeters (a little more than two sides so good). If you need to make a wall, take your home wall width.

The second Step :( buy cloth and yarn) to the curtain fabric wholesale 1: 1.8 (1: 2 is too wasteful, too much is not good-looking creases, of course, you like to be more creases) ratio to buy cloth and yarn. For example, a wall 2.7 meters wide, bought 2.7 × 1.8 = 4.86 m (5 m to buy it, you can buy two 2.5 meters, so save your back laid off). Note that if Manqiang do need to buy a given 2.8 meters high (two meters high given much).

The third step :( lace) with a cloth and yarn based on color choices, buy a few panels, to save enough to go to Tim. Note that each plate a few meters is inadequate. Such as businesses known as 20 m / plate, actually, only 15 meters, which is the line regulation, do not care about. Anyway, not worth the money. Also note that to pull the curtain has four vertical sides and a bottom. It was the middle of two vertical edges without lace. I personally think the bottom plus lace looks better.

The fourth step :( tape) you have to buy cloth and yarn is a few meters total width of the cloth tape required. Also buy some. Be careful not to tie the hook small mouth slit die machining cloth belt. Look at a friend's house curtains or ask the stores selling cloth belt may be used. ?

The fifth step length :( track or Rome bar) is the length of the track wall Chuanglian. No installation Chuanglian available Rome bar, width required custom. If you do not know how to install, can be falsely represents himself gettin curtain shop to purchase to the store to ask.

Processing Considerations curtains:

1, if you buy the track and Rome bar a little bit long, the blade can easily cut off the excess.

2, if there are another yarn fabric, you need to install two tracks.

3, if the windows and so on, need to buy a curved track. Price almost.