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  • 2015, Classic blossom

    In order to enhance the oneness of space, we began to design full set product. 
    One element throughout the entire design of finials, brackets, hook, tieback, etc. In this way, customers obtain more suitable collocation. Meanwhile, standardized sizing design makes it easy to change the collocation and provide more solutions. 

    Design philosophy: Do more for you

  • 2014, The cycle of European style 

    In order to make the product more dazzling, we added diamond and crystal as new elements for our

     alloy-based products.

    Design concept: refuse to dull surface

  • 2013, From simple to luxury 

    For Muslim countries, their pursuit of beauty mainly embodied in the complex patterns, three-dimensional relief and shining golden color.

    For this purpose, we began to enhance the grade of the product. Our ever-changing resin-based product were given a new shining coat-- electroplating series resin products

    Design concept: ultimate luxury


  • 2012, The rise of the Arab

    Since resin material is accepted by market, we improve the design quality of resin products. We start to processed design from manuscript, modeling to physical.

    Design concept: The integration of European simple style and classical Middle East style.

  • 2011, Era of new element
    A new material is applied to the product, making the product is no longer a cold metal.

    New and diversified resin material constitutes new product this year.

    Design concept: The unique Arab

  • 2010, New thought of product design

    Since we need to change the design of our decoration product frequently, we obviously need to save the cost of open mould.

    Therefore, this year our design theme is unitized and standardized accessories designs, which are able to match arbitrarily.

    Design concept: The unity of multicolor simple metal style

  • 2009, The developing year of independent design.

    Since we started to design simple product last year, we enter into a development period of product design—from single finial product design to bracket matching design.

    Design concept: European simple and metallic style 

  • 2008, The first year of the original design.


    We officially change our business models from sample processing to design and sale simple product.


    Design concept: Simple and texture